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Unlock the collective intelligence within your mortgage company.

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AccessEasily searchable guidelines.

Agency Guidelines at your fingertips:

Search Conforming, FHA, VA, USDA guide lines on one web-based platform with a few simple clicks.

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AnswerLoan officer questions instantly.

Loan Database Search Engine

Avoid the bottleneck that occurs when only a few key people (managers, underwriters) have the answer. Vamba’s simple publishing system utilizes the “wisdom of the crowds” to allow employees to find answers without needing the help of management and underwriters.

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Ticketing System

Loan Officers can search the database for answers to all their questions and when they can’t find them they can use Vamba’s ticketing system to escalate questions to the right person in your organization.

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ShareKnowledge effectively.

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Are your underwriters answering the same questions repeatedly?

The problem with one on one communication is that it educates only one person at a time.

Vamba allows you to take the knowledge shared in one on one communication (emails & phone calls) and makes it available to your whole production team.

Avoid Email Clutter

Email is no place to store valuable guidelines and updates. Guidelines, processes and procedures are stored and easily accessed through VAMBA rather than being pushed out via email and lost forever in an LOs cluttered inbox. VAMBA self publishes a newsletter of updates and new knowledge on a weekly basis.


ImproveSales and operational efficiency.

Develop Operational & Sales Efficiencies

With the ability to create, document and share internal processes, procedures and guidelines - mortgage managers can build the infrastructure to maximize their team’s efficiency and reduce the hurdles to growing the team.

Get New Employees Up & Running Sooner

With VAMBA, you can easily document your loan program overlays & new employee on-boarding procedures to significantly decrease the time it takes new employees to become productive.


If your company is like countless others out there, lessons learned by an individual loan officer on a particular loan file stay with that loan officer and that loan officer only. VAMBA allows new knowledge to be recorded for posterity within your company’s knowledge base so that the newfound wisdom is available and accessible to all.


VAMBA allows you to eliminate redundant work & wasteful errors by providing your sales and operational staff access to insights that aren’t documented in any other system. How are “gray areas” interpreted? What does your company determine to be a large deposit? What key points should an LOE contain? How is a good cover letter structured?

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